Lakeside Villa in Balatonlelle

The Garden

  The garden nearer the Lake is covered with deep lush lawn which is ideal for playing and sunbathing as well. The garden was designed as a private bathing resort with the needs of our guests in mind. The sunbeds, balls, sunshades create the mood of a beach and every generation can find its favourite way to relax.

You can enjoy the view of the Lake Balaton from the northern terrace, but the partly covered southern terrace is sheltered from the wind.

You can get into the water of the lake through the stage. There is a site for angling and storing a bike or a surf.

The rockeries and trees beside the house turn the garden even more exciting and attractive.

Do enjoy every colour and mood of the Lake Balaton!

Parking is provided within the garden fence. Barbeque and stewing pot facilities are available.

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